We often want to do so much in our spaces in the house that we exaggerate and take away the air of lightness and relaxation that they should provide. In the living room, it’s the same thing, there are certain customs practiced, which overload the environment, not making it harmonious.

The emotional often speaks louder when buying furniture, which can result in a very large sofa, a disproportionate rack, or even a small table that doesn’t match the color of the wall. Decorating the room seems like a challenge, doesn’t it? But don’t worry, in this article we’ll introduce you to the 5 most common room decor mistakes, check it out!

  1. Buy furniture on “impulse”
  2. Dark-colored walls
  3. Abuse of decorative objects
  4. Fall in fashion
  5. Appreciate the design

Buy furniture on “impulse”

This is perhaps one of the biggest problems that the culture of consumerism gives us. We can’t see an eye-catching item that’s within budget, which we buy without thinking twice. These impulse purchases often end up being rash, not fitting into the living room at home.

Some common mistakes when decorating are buying sofas for their design without worrying about the size and color of the room, or even filling the shelf with “cute” pictures and overloading the room with decorative objects that often pollute the space.

Dark-colored walls

Of the mistakes in room decoration, working with poorly structured dark colors on the walls is among the deadly sins. In addition to absorbing light, if poorly organized, the dark can give the impression of diminishing the environment.

But rest assured, if you like dark colors, there are countless ways to use them in your living room. Organize your wall, work with light colors in your decorative objects and always be aware that it will not take the “life” of your room, this is a space that we spend a lot of time in our days and we need to relax.

Abuse of decorative objects

As that saying goes, “often less is more”. As clichéd as that phrase is, it fits perfectly into living room decor. One of the mistakes in room decoration is wanting to fill with decorations to “spruce up” more. Simplifying the decoration and using only what is necessary, saves space, doesn’t accumulate dirt, and leaves the environment much cleaner.

A tip is to survey what is necessary and important there. If there is a piece in your room that has no function, why have it there? Optimize your space and make your room look much nicer.

Fall in fashion

This is one of the mistakes in room decor that happens all too often. Betting on trendy sets that are not to your liking, or opting for something fleeting can be a great risk.

Choose decorative items that match your personality and stop being influenced by trends that don’t match your style. If you want to stay on top of fashion, do some research and wait to see if it’s not a fad, as you can invest in something that will soon be out of date.

Appreciate the design

There is no point in having a beautiful piece of furniture that decorates your living room very well, but that is not comfortable. As mentioned above, the room is a place of relaxation and we should be well inside it. If your sofa or armchair isn’t comfortable, forget about your look.

If the furniture isn’t cozy, you’ll use it far less often than ideal, and over time, you’ll want to replace it, and it’ll be another bad investment case for your living room.

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