The least important thing is the size, we show you how to remodel a kitchen at the forefront.

The kitchen, without a doubt, is one of the most important spaces in the home. For a long time it stopped being that exclusive place to prepare lunch to become a real gathering place, where, along with a coffee, family members and even visitors talk about all kinds of situations.

Do you want this space to be the dream? We give you 7 ideas to learn how to remodel a kitchen.

How to remodel a small kitchen

That your kitchen is not as big as you want it is no excuse not to remodel it. Of course, you have to think about how to optimize the space and generate a feeling of spaciousness. How a small kitchen remodel? Take note.

What you should do is take advantage of the vertical space in the kitchen for the installation of drawers. A recommendation, either for the walls or for the furniture, is to bet on white, as it will contribute to lighting. The countertop will undoubtedly look better on wood.

As for the accessories, play with green, blue, or earth tones, as they will add freshness to this space. Hanging lamps and plants can become the best allies.

How to remodel an old kitchen

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to remodeling interior spaces is to believe that we have to invest a lot of money buying everything new, when, in reality, we can take advantage of many elements that we think are unusable.

How about remodeling an old kitchen? Giving a personal touch to those “old” elements. What if you sand and paint with white or pastel tones that classic furniture that you want to change? Maybe you didn’t know, but that’s what vintage style does. And trust us, it’s on-trend!

You also don’t have to throw away that classic dinnerware you have. What you can do is display them on shelves, instead of leaving them stored; they will serve as decoration. Bet on vases, vases, and elements of the 20th century.

How to remodel a kitchen with a bar

If you are thinking of remodeling the kitchen of your house and you want it to look at the forefront, you should seriously consider the possibility of installing a bar, regardless of the space you have.

To learn how to remodel a kitchen with a bar, you only need to choose the material of it. There are bars in wood, steel, and even marble. They are usually not very expensive and will add style to this space.

The best thing about the bar in a kitchen is that on it you can place kitchen elements and equipment that do not fit in the main counter, in addition to using it as a gathering place. If you think of a bar, some chairs so that your visitors can placidly drink coffee, it would not be bad.

How to remodel a kitchen diner

One of the kitchen models that has taken the most prominence is the kitchen with an island, which, in turn, acts as a kitchen dining room. Thinking of one like this for your apartment is not far-fetched.

How about leaving the gray walls and choosing white fitted kitchen cabinets? In the middle of the kitchen, you can install an island, in which you can not only place items such as plates, coffee makers, among others, but it can also serve as a table for breakfast with your family.

With this idea, you can make better use of the space in your home, make it more functional and innovate with a traditional Porco dining table. Do you see that it is not difficult to learn how to remodel a kitchen dining room?

How to remodel an American kitchen

If you are one of those who prefers to give a certain American touch to some spaces in your home, such as the kitchen, at Homecenter? Do we give you some lights? so you can do it.

One characteristic is that the storage furniture is generally white, more spacious, and goes to the top of the ceiling. In addition, there is usually a very marked space to locate elements such as condiments.

As for the preferred material for furniture and, especially, the counter is wood. The tiles typical of this style are white and square, like a subway station.

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