Learn how to remodel bathrooms with this comprehensive guide.

Choosing the colors of the coating well, opting for furniture with maximum storage capacity, and choosing the right toilet are some of the 6 tips for remodeling small bathrooms that we have for you.

Bathroom remodeling

Renovating the bathroom in your house, no matter how small, does not have to be as difficult as you think. Of course, you need disposition, patience, and above all, imagination to make it look dreamy. We give you some tips so that you can achieve an effective and positive change in this important space in your home.

Use light-toned coating dark colors is back in fashion for bathrooms after years in oblivion, however, designers agree that white, light tones, and pastels will be ideal if your bathroom is small. 

Choose the toilet that suits you

The most important thing when remodeling small bathrooms is to verify the dimensions of this space. Pay attention to the measurements of the complete bathroom and especially that area where your new toilet will be installed, so that when it comes time to choose it, you are clear about which is the right one for your home. There are different types of toilets: round, elongated, and hanging, so having clear dimensions will make you choose the correct one.

Bet on cabinets

When it comes to remodeling a small bathroom, a lack of storage space is often one of the biggest problems. Therefore, a good solution is the use of cabinets, these, being vertical and being in the upper-middle part of the walls, will allow you to organize all your bathroom elements without this place looking saturated, and without affecting the use of the sink.

Opt for furniture with a high storage capacity

If you decided to change your bathroom furniture, we suggest doing it for ones that are resistant and with a high storage capacity. In the market, you will find several options with diagonal cuts, easily accessible exposed shelves, and cutting-edge designs that will not only improve the appearance of your bathroom but also add order and optimize space.

Choose a suitable mirror design

Now, having a bathroom mirror is vital for most people. Therefore, you should choose one that adapts to space, adds modernity and sophistication, and respects the design you chose for it.

The mirrors compact Corona are ideal for small spaces and make the perfect match with furniture design and sink of the same brand.

Don’t forget the details

That your bathroom is small is not an excuse not to decorate it. A vintage-style wooden table, wicker baskets, and even vases can give it originality. By the way: plants, which do not necessarily have to be large, but even succulent, are an element that brings a natural and fresh touch to your bathroom.

Great, right? Keep these 6 ideas in mind and we assure you that remodeling small bathrooms has never been so easy and fun for anyone, as it will be for you.

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