Has it happened to you that you are in your bedroom, you look around and you feel that something is wrong but you don’t know what it is? Do not worry that we are not going to talk about therapy and relationship problems – for that there are several blogs – but I want to tell you some decoration rules so that you have as a reference when designing a bedroom.

Again I clarify that this is a guide for when you have questions. The idea is that it helps them when they want to know what measure or proportion should have the elements inside the bedroom. You don’t need to change everything. Don’t use me as an excuse to tell your husband that everything is wrong, please don’t.


The rug should be at least 50 cms. on each of the 3 sides of the bed. The use of carpet under the bed is a full trend, it is a good option if you have enough space. Now to simplify things we have put together a list with the carpet measurements for the most common sizes:

  • One square: 150 x 240 cms.
  • Two seats: 200 x 290 cms.
  • King: 240 x 340 cms.
  • Super king: 300 x 400 cms.

Now if you do not have enough space to put a rug like that, there is always the traditional option of using bed drops.


The nightstands should ideally be the same height as the bed, or a maximum of 10 cm more or less high. And the reason for this is very simple: nobody wants to hit a head butt when they turn around to find their cell phone. And if the nightstand is very small, you have to bend down to pick up things, which is not very practical. The tables generally measure between 60 and 70 cms.

Choose a nightstand proportional to your bed. Most bedside tables are 50 x 50 cm, and this works for most beds. Now if you have a very large bed or a very large room you could choose a wider one, up to 1-meter maximum. Although it should not be much deeper, 60 cms. at most.


Consider around 90 cms. of space around the bed for easy circulation. The 90 cm of circulation is a standard measurement that helps us as a reference to know how much is the minimum free space we need in a room. This rule not only applies to decoration, it is a measure that architects also use when designing a construction. What happens if they do not reach 90 cms of circulation? Perhaps it is good then to consider a smaller bed or lean the bed against a wall.

The first thing you should see when entering a room is the bed. This is a rule that is often difficult to follow because architecture does not always accompany it, but in my opinion, a room looks better this way.

Here I take advantage of clarifying a point that many times they comment to me. For example, that the bed should not be facing the window, but I think this is very relative. There are times where the best room layout is precise with the bed under the window.


The ceiling lamp should be proportional to the size of the room, not the bed. To keep things simple, here is a list of suggestions:

  • 2 x 3 meters = 40 cm lamp.
  • 3 x 3 meters = 50 cms lamp.
  • 3 x 4 meters = 60 cms lamp.
  • 4 x 4 meters = 75 cm lamp.

If you hang a ceiling lamp, it should be centered over the bed, not the bedroom. As with the dining room where the main element is the table, in this case, the same happens with the bed.

The lamp must be at least 210 cm from the ground. This is a difficult rule to respect in Chile, where ceilings are generally between 235-245 cm high. However, it is intended to prevent anyone from hitting their head.

The wall sconces must be between 130 and 150 cm high. Now if you choose a directional appliqué it is important that it serves to illuminate a book in your hands, but that it does not dazzle you. If it is an app with a screen make sure that it covers the light bulb when you are sitting in bed.

Table Lamp

The table lamp should be 1/3 the size of the nightstand. And I think I have seen the two wrong examples, where the lamp is too big for the table and nothing else really fits on the table. Or the other extreme where it is so small that it goes completely unnoticed. So I think this rule is a very practical reference.

The lampshade should be at eye level when you are sitting on the bed. As indicated for the fixtures, the same rule applies for the nightstand lamps. The important thing is that the direct light from the bulb does not dazzle you when you are reading/watching the cell phone/television / etc. in bed.


Curtains should be hung as high as possible and always hang to the floor. This is one of those details that makes a big difference and helps the space look taller. This is especially important in Chile, where the height from ground to the sky is low.

The curtains should be 30 cm wider than the window opening. This has the purpose that when you open the curtains they can be gathered outside the window, so you do not lose any natural light.

The curtains hem should pink the floor. Except for certain very specific exceptions, the curtains should always be hemmed just touching the ground. Unfortunately on many occasions, I have seen that the curtains are short. That the curtain rises the floor is complex to achieve if you do not have the expertise, that is why we always delegate this issue to trusted suppliers.

The veil always goes closer to the window and the fabric curtain goes inwards. The purpose of this is super simple: that when you open the curtains you can keep the veils/curtains closed without losing privacy. Also in this way, they always look beautiful.


The stool at the foot of the bed should be 12 to 15 inches narrower than the bed. When you have a long room, it is a good alternative to put a bench at the foot of the bed, which will help you give it a good visual finish, as well as being practical to put on your shoes or even store things inside it. This rule is a good reference so that the bench is neither too small nor too big, but just the right size.

The bench should be slightly lower than the bed. This is simply because it looks better. In addition, if you had a bench higher than the bed, it would be practically a cuddle, an unsuitable thing.

Pictures and mirrors

If you hang a painting above the bed, it should be ¾ of the width of the bed. If there are several pictures they should occupy a similar space. Obviously, this is a general decoration rule that will serve as a reference so that the space is not empty, but in any case, we have managed to design spaces with larger and smaller paintings than this.

Do not place the mirrors in a position where you see yourself lying down. Okay, we know a motel is fun, but we don’t want our room to look like one. Therefore, if you want to use mirrors in the decoration of your bedroom, try not to place them in a position where you see yourself while you sleep. Unless that’s your wave, and if so give it no more.

What do you think?

I hope you find this bedroom decoration rules practical and that they serve to clarify doubts. Tell me, what space should we talk about next?

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