How to create modern decor in your master bedroom? In this new year, you have decided to give your bedroom decoration a makeover. Do you want modern decor in your master bedroom? Well, you will love today’s article!

Indeed, I invite you to discover a whole series of tips and ideas to create a modern decoration in your room. In white or blue, below you’ll find all the inspiration you could need.

How to create a modern decoration in the master bedroom?

Who says modern decor in a bedroom often says a sleek look. Indeed, if there is one characteristic common to all contemporary decorations, it is undoubtedly their stripped-down style.

To give a modern look to your master bedroom, start by emptying it of all unnecessary furniture and accessories.

You will need a bed, two bedside tables, lamps and some storage furniture for your clothes.

It is done? Perfect! Take a look now at a few rooms you can get inspiration from!

The decoration of your parental room in white or blue

The two colors you like the most to decorate your bedroom is white and blue. I, therefore, selected parental rooms which put them in the spotlight.

How to decorate your master bedroom with white?

Do you want a modern and bright decoration in your master bedroom? White will then be a very good choice!

To start, you can use it with the linen bed linen. This will allow you to bring the necessary dose of white into your room while maximizing natural light. As for accessories, you can choose one or two large photos to hang above your headboard.

Also, consider choosing contemporary bedside tables. For example, you can opt for a black metal model with clean lines. When it comes to lighting, you’ll be spoiled for choice in specialist shops: table lamps, wall lights, etc. it’s up to you.

Then, if you don’t want a total white look, you can play with contrasts by adding black or dark gray textiles here and there. For example, you can choose a pretty charcoal gray bed throw to put at the foot of your bed. Do not hesitate to also put some cushions with graphic patterns.

Want a softer modern decor in your master bedroom? Replace the black bed throw with a pastel pink plaid. You will find it in most decoration shops as this color is particularly trendy.

Blue for a modern and warm master bedroom

If you are not a fan of white, you can also bring an inimitable style to your room by using blue. To do this, several solutions will be available to you.

To start, you can take the opportunity to repaint the wall of your headboard. You will have the choice between several shades of blue. For a deep look and a cozy atmosphere, opt for a dark blue, close to gray.

For a fresher and brighter atmosphere, you can paint the wall of the headboard of your master bedroom with a pretty pastel blue for example.

Then, if you want an even more modern and original look, know that raw wood goes perfectly with blue, whatever its shade. You can then break up the very blue look of your wall with a wooden headboard.

If you wish, you can make it yourself by fixing simple cleats on your wall.

If you want a modern and vegetal room around blue, you can add little notes of green here and there. For example, install a glass pendant light above your bed. Pick some pretty plants as well.

Finally, know that you can opt for a total blue look by playing with the different shades of this color on your textiles. Plaid, cushions, sheets, rugs,… don’t hesitate to play with the accumulation!

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