When we consider how to decorate our bedroom, we think about colors, bedding, rugs, cushions … However, one of the most important decorative elements in this special room is light. Lighting is capable of completely changing the air in a space.

The first requirement that light must satisfy is to illuminate in the most effective way, but also an important role to make the room that is going to be the scene of our rest cozy.

The artificial lighting in the bedroom should be warm to generate a state of relaxation. Choosing warm lights, measuring the appropriate intensity, and taking advantage of the nuances offered by screens or dimmable lights, will present us with a relaxing stay.

The ceiling panels offer an adequate general light, which allows us to see well, without leaving shaded corners. If the room is high enough, placing spotlights in different directions hidden under a false ceiling is a good option, which creates great luminosity without being aggressive. The halogens embedded in the ceiling, so common until recently, have been surpassed by luminaires with LED technology, with the same function. For their part, wall lights offer indirect light that is usually enough for a bedroom, provided they are well-positioned.

Once we have achieved sufficient visibility with general lighting, it is advisable to have another type of lighting in the warmer bedroom, that is not too powerful, or that can be modulated. In this way, we will be able to generate a feeling of comfort that invites relaxation.

Lighting Points In The Bedroom

In addition to lighting, the lamps fulfill another important ornamental function creating a cozy atmosphere. Although aesthetics must be taken into account in all the elements, the central lamp is one of the most striking decorative points.

If we are one of those who cannot sleep without reading a little in bed, we will have to reinforce the lighting in the headboard area. The lamps on the bedside table are very decorative but, if they do not have a good base, they can be unstable. To avoid possible falls you can opt for articulated arms on each side of the bed. It is also important to choose bulbs with lighting adjustment to regulate the intensity.

The bedroom is a room that also functions as a dressing room. For this purpose, an intense and clear light is required that does not alter the colors, so a slightly cooler color temperature than the rest of the room is recommended.

How Much Light Do I Need In My Bedroom?

The level of illumination is measured in a unit called lux, whose symbol is lx. For bedrooms, the general level of lighting recommended by experts is between 50 and 150 lux. For the headboard area, if we read regularly, a point light of up to 500lx will be necessary.

Color temperature: could be defined as the sensation that the human eye perceives in light, being warm if amber color predominates or cold if blue predominates. It is expressed in degrees Kelvin (K) because it is obtained from the spectrum of light that comes from applying different levels of heat to black iron. Up to 3,300 K, it is a light with a warm effect, from there at 5,300 K we would speak of white light and, above that figure, it would be light with a cold aspect.

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