Most people have a lot of questions about their kitchen. What colour should I paint the cabinets? How do I design my kitchen for entertaining? What are the best materials to use in my new kitchen renovation project? These are just a few of the many common questions that we hear from potential clients, and this blog post is all about answering them!

Kitchen design is a hot topic these days. House Beautiful’s resident interior designer, Our Expert, has the answers you need to guide your kitchen remodelling project and make it affordable too! From storage solutions for small spaces, to open shelving or whether pink can be used as an accent colour- he knows all of the ins and outs about designing kitchens that are both functional and beautiful.

As part of our Design My Space series, we asked you, our readers what your burning kitchen questions were and you wanted to know whether pink is a good colour for a kitchen. Our expert has all the advice on small space storage solutions or open shelving cabinets.

  1. Where do I start when planning a new kitchen?
  2. Where do I start when planning a new kitchen?
  3. How can I update a kitchen without ripping it out?
  4. Is open shelving a good idea?
  5. Is pink a good colour for a kitchen?
  6. What are the best storage hacks for a small kitchen?
  7. What are the best kitchen trends to consider?

An expert says that when planning a kitchen, you should start with the appliances. He advises thinking about any restrictions such as plumbing and ventilation before deciding where your oven or dishwasher will go. “It’s also important not to forget budget,” Andrew suggests being clear on how much money is available so you know what items need prioritizing first after allocating funds for other necessities like pipes and vents. When it comes time to compromise, he recommends having some idea of which areas might have more flexibility than others if there are still things left on one’s list of must-haves despite monetary limitations

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