The bedroom should be the sanctuary where you can find peace and unwind after a busy day. It is the room that accompanies us during many hours of sleep and it has to be a place where we sit comfortable, comfortable and relaxed.

To achieve these effects it is important to follow these guidelines to create a relaxing environment.

The light. We will avoid having a bright and white light, it is always better to have sources that dimly illuminate the space. We can place lamps with shades that project soft lighting and use scented candles that will warm the environment and create a more relaxing atmosphere.

The order. It seems very logical, but it is important to maintain order in the room, having a visual tranquility is basic. If we have lots of items scattered in the room our senses will be scattered. The more orderly the room is and the less cluttered with objects, the greater the tranquility it will transmit.

Colors. A good option is pastel colors or soft tones such as white, beige, light green, turquoise blue, lilac or light purple, salmon, etc. We should always use a color that we like.

Out of unnecessary elements . All those elements that do not belong to the room such as office items, things that we have to locate, children’s toys, etc. are prohibited. It is better to find another place in the house to store them, the bedroom is a place to rest and not to worry about pending issues.

Mattress and sheets. It is important to have a good quality mattress that helps us to rest properly, since we spend much of our time in the bedroom sleeping. We must also take into account that the sheets or bedspreads that we use are suitable for each time of the year, are soft and comfortable to feel at ease.

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