The first step in planning for your Master Bathroom Remodel is to have an idea of what you want the finished bathroom to look like. If it’s a complete remodel, start with removing everything from the room that doesn’t belong there. The contractor will then install cabinets and countertops where needed, plus any other electrical or plumbing fixtures which may be necessary. Next comes all the fun stuff: new walls, flooring, lighting…the sky’s only limit!

You’ll need to hire a professional plumber if you plan on adding sinks or toilets anywhere in the house not originally equipped with them; this includes things like guest bathrooms as well as master baths. Plumbing supplies can get expensive quickly when they’re purchased.

The new bathroom should be able to function with the least amount of effort. That’s why all your fixtures need to be carefully thought out and installed so that they can work together easily. For example, a showerhead needs to have enough water pressure for people who want a strong flow when they bathe but not too much force as it hits them in the back or neck. It also needs to allow you to adjust how hard and high the stream is hitting against your body by using simple controls on the wall next door where you shave or wash up before bedtime.

Bathroom remodelling generally starts with removing everything from the room that doesn’t belong there – like paint, wallpaper, cabinets & countertops if necessary. It is then prepped with a coat of primer and two to three coats of paint. Carpeting, tile or laminate flooring may be put down next if needed. Plumbing fixtures such as sinks & toilets are installed at this time too – along with new lighting fixtures for better illumination in the room.

At any point during bathroom remodelling, you might decide to add an extra sink or upgrade your showerhead from the one that came with your original fixture pack so it’s more comfortable to use when bathing in water every day. You can also install mirrors on opposite walls for easier shaving access and towel bars close by since there will no longer be cabinet space near the toilet once they’re removed for the installation of a bidet seat.

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