Decorating a small bedroom is always a challenge because when we do not have all the space that we would like to locate our furniture and personal effects, we must use ingenuity, strategy, and tricks to make the most of the available meters. That is why this article is designed to guide you in this task and give you some specific decorating tips for small-sized interiors.

In addition, we will help you, not only to optimize the available square meters but also to adapt your ideas to the shape of the room. A square room is not decorated in the same way as a rectangular one, right? Think strategically, be creative and design your own space, according to its possibilities. To help you in your purpose, we advise you to take note of these ideas and shape them according to your vision of the project. Ready to exploit all the possibilities of something so small and so difficult to decorate? Go!

Increase the quantity (and quality) of your storage

When faced with a bedroom of reduced dimensions, we must find the balance between furniture and storage. To provide enough storage for your bedroom, you could opt for custom-designed built-in wardrobes; a chest of drawers, shelves, and beds. In every bedroom, space for storing clothes and accessories is vital. Optimize the available meters, and reserve a few, both vertical and horizontal, to keep the bedroom tidy, collected, and perfect for any occasion.

Clean and minimalist design

When we have a small bedroom, unnecessary objects are superfluous. Everything must be neat, clean, and ventilated. For this, when you design the interior of this bedroom, you must take special consideration, the distribution of the furniture, the choice of accessories, and the space that they will occupy. One of our most important tips is that you measure the room and look for furniture of the right size so that you can locate it without overloading the environment.

Light, light, and more light

Here’s a trick: light amplifies the space and fills it with vitality. The ideal for a small bedroom is to paint it in light colors (white, sand, beige, or similar), which bounce both natural light, which enters through the windows, and artificial light. If you want to reflect light and also amplify the feeling of depth, opt for a pair of mirrors at the back of the room. A well-lit space seems more spacious and uncluttered. Enhance this effect, choosing textiles and furniture in light tones.

If you don’t have horizontal space, take advantage of the vertical space

This is basic. If you can’t place it flush with the ground, make room toward the ceiling. This is one of the fundamentals of construction in cities. In the absence of an extension, they build vertically. Surely you have seen on many occasions, beds that come down from the ceiling or that come out of cabinets with double or folding doors, hidden in the wall. Having bunk beds or trundle beds also helps to take advantage of useful space. Using beds with folding trundles provides you with an accessory storage area to that of the cabinets. If during the day, you need free space to move around, you can combine the functionalities of each piece of furniture and couple its use to the day (study area) and the night (the bed, as the protagonist). These are ingenious solutions for multipurpose spaces and the key is to give the same piece of furniture more than one use. Another example that may be useful is a compact piece of furniture, with a folding bed with a folding opening and a tabletop included. This type of furniture occupies the same size as a console and open, fulfills two more functions, and is perfect for offices, converted into a bedroom.

Use multifunctional furniture of the right size

Modular furniture is part of the essence of the previous section and also fulfills several functions at the same time. For example, depending on the age of the inhabitant of the bedroom, you can locate a multifunctional piece of furniture or another. For children, there is nothing better than a children’s or youth modular with a trundle bed, drawers, and desk included, with the possibility of adding a wardrobe and shelving module. Everything in the same room! If you are older, adolescent or adult, you can create your composition, made to measure, with a raised bed and stairs, an office or study area under the arch, and a reading corner to one side. You can give it a style that you like the most and separate the different environments with curtains.

Light colors, warm and welcoming materials

As we have mentioned before, light tones help reflect light and provide a greater sense of space. While they bring freshness and cleanliness, they can be a bit cold and impersonal. To counteract this feeling, you can use wood in natural tones (for furniture, paneling, and floors) and soft textiles, to give it a cozy, comfortable, and warm touch. In spring and summer, you can opt for cotton and linen fabrics, printed with flowers, fruits, or with tropical and youthful air, while for winter, there is nothing better than minimalist and clean prints, accompanied by soft fabrics with long hair. Complement your choice of textiles, with t-shirt yarn or sisal rugs for summer, or natural wool or synthetic materials and colors for winter. 100% softness and comfort.

Do you have a spare room at home but it is small and you don’t know how to decorate it? Take note of these decorating tips and learn how to get the most out of this room. Whether it is a room-office or the main room of a small study, these tricks will help you to get the distribution, the colors, and the amount of light right. Although we have applied them to the decoration of a single bedroom, you can use them to optimize the space of an entire house. Do you know any more tips? Which of these tips is the best suited to decorating a small bedroom? Share with us your decorating tips and help other readers of this blog to shape their smaller rooms.

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