Because small bedrooms can also have their particular charm, or because without knowing very well how a house always ends up being small, beds with folding trundle have become a highly valued element to sleep well and have all the storage space that missing from the cabinets.

Equipping a bedroom with a trundle bed is a great idea for many reasons. On the one hand, the functional benefits it has for adequate rest: it is a great guarantee for a restful sleep since, in general, it adapts to any type of mattress. But this type of base hides another benefit that others do not have: its storage capacity.

Today the space of a house should not be a problem, since there are solutions for almost everything. Small bedrooms, for example, can have their charm if you know how to make good use of the available space. And there is only one essential thing in a bedroom: the bed. And thanks to the couches you have a bed to rest on each night and a lot of extra storage under the mattress. Simply put, a trundle bed is a horizontal wardrobe.

What Can You Keep On A Couch?

Whatever you want, it’s that simple. You can store blankets for the winter, the usual bedding, clothes between wardrobe changes, or all the toys of the little ones in the house. In the strict sense of the order, it does not matter much what you store on the couch because nothing that is inside is visible.

For these reasons, the folding sofa has been gaining a lot of ground as a practical and decorative element of the first order. And precisely for this reason, you can choose models with different styles and finishes, with the intention that the aesthetic element is not a problem to adapt to the decoration of a house or a bedroom.

The Best Support For Your Mattress

Together, the mattresses and couches form infallible pairs for a great rest. And do not forget that when you buy a sofa, in addition to storage, you are buying reliable support for your mattress.

The choice of the base is as important as that of the mattress, although the main thing is to choose the mattress first to see if it will fit the base. If you are convinced that you want a sofa, you will have to opt for a foam or memory foam mattress, since they require a breathable base; or a spring mattress, which adapts to any type of base, except the articulated ones.

With a sofa you take many worries out of your head: you favor the correct conservation of the mattress since it deforms less, and it is also fixed, so you can open and close with complete confidence: the mattress will not move.

Do Not Forget The Simplicity Of The Details

A trundle bed has to be comfortable and easy to use, otherwise, it would be losing much of its reason for being. For this reason, the most popular canapés are those that open with a gas piston, since they offer little resistance, they can be opened with little force, and you have the confidence that the lid will not close while you are taking or putting things in it. inside.

Remember one last important detail: keep in mind what type of opening you want. The most practical is the front opening since in the case of the side you have to make sure that there is enough space to be able to use it without problems of obstacles.

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