After all, what are the advantages of visiting a decorated apartment?

Get a better sense of the dimensions: in most cases, the purchase is still carried out in the plant and, therefore, buyers are not able to get a real sense of the dimensions.

Therefore, visiting a decorated apartment helps to understand in practice how space can be used with furniture and decorative objects.

Clarify doubts with brokers: a visit to a decorated one is the perfect time to clarify all doubts about the property with the broker.

You’ll be able to elucidate specific questions about room measurements, the height of the right foot, the possibility of changing the structure for a renovation, checking the quality of the project, among other points. 

  • What are the measurements of the rooms with the planned furniture?
  • How is the solar position of the apartment on the furniture? Is it necessary to use some type of curtain?
  • How much space is available for cabinets?
  • Is the ceiling height enough for my needs?

A visit to a Decorated Apartment is the main source of inspiration for a Buyer

We indeed love getting inspired by Instagram, Pinterest, and many other social media.

However, a visit to a decorated apartment is the perfect chance to get ideas that can be applied in your new home. 

After all, interior designers and designers apply the latest trends in furniture, coatings, and colors to enhance the decorated apartment. 

The decorated apartment brings a real sense of the property’s rooms

When faced with space, it is not always possible to imagine it furnished.

In this way, visiting a decorated apartment brings a real notion about the size of the rooms and how it will look after it is finished.

Through the planned furniture, you can have a more accurate view of the footage. This way, you can make sure that space matches your needs.

Discover the main decorated apartments

On our website, we have several decorated apartments. Below, you can check out an amazing selection of properties to be inspired by! 

Inspiration #1 – Wide Residence

The inspiration for the Wide Residence apartment, uses elongated furniture to the ceiling, in light colors. In this way, the environment conveys the idea of ​​amplitude and greatness.

The light tone of the cabinet doors amplifies the originally narrow environment while offering a cozy space.

The black color, mixed with nude tones, harmonizes and brings a modern touch to the apartment space.

Inspiration #2 – CO-Living HUB

This apartment inspiration is a new concept in co-living in Rio de Janeiro, especially when it comes to space optimization.

Small, cozy, and comfortable, HUB CO-Living has come to win our hearts.

Even in smaller dimensions, the spaces offer the necessary functionality combined with the modern and minimalist decor that is so popular.

Inspiration #3 – Volp 40

Volp 40 represents the tranquility of an exclusive home for you and your family. Spacious apartments, with suites to ensure the individual comfort of each member.

In this project carried out by Madeirol, the Scandinavian style predominates, where the wooden walls are wide and decorate with the plants arranged throughout the environment.

Inspiration #4 – PDG Recreio

Spacious apartments, with defined and divided rooms to ensure the privacy and comfort your home needs.

In this Madeirol project, the white tone proposes the clean and organized air that your apartment needs.

The inclusion of colors stays with the decoration, specific to each area of ​​the house.

Inspiration #5 – Damai

Spacious, spacious, and bright environments. This inspiration is for those who love space.

Natural lighting, combined with the color of the furniture, gives the apartment a feeling of spaciousness. 

Inspiration #6 – Viva Centro

In this apartment, the choice was to mix tones of white and wood to give a special touch to the planned furniture.

Exclusivity and individuality are present in this inspiration. Enjoy!

Inspirations are always essential to collect references and decide everything to build your dream apartment.

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